Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Norwegian Ancestors

Time for a change of pace so that our Norwegian ancestors to make themselves known.
My Dad's parents were first-generation Americans from immigrant Irish and Norwegian parents.
That makes me, my brothers and you, cousins, third-generation Americans.
Let's begin with Per Larsen from SÆTER farm. He was the son of Lar's who must have been born somewhere around 1611 or so.
Per-SÆTER Larsen was born ca 1631 and died in 1702 in Hedmark, Norway. He is my 8th great-grandfather [as well as my brothers', and Kevin and Geofry's, and the Brennan siblings' 8th great-grandfather].

Herman Olsen is also our 8th great-frandfather.

Since I began my reseach into our Norwegian background I've begun to teach myself to read Norwegain ! ! ! and below is my attempt to translate information from a local history regarding our ancestors.
It'll take your imagination to fill in the gaps where my knowledge of the language lacks. However, you'll no doubt get the geist of the reports.
Before you become too engrossed let me say the naming practice during this period was to use the father's name as what we call the surname - along with this the farm name is usually attached so as to clarify which Per Larsen we're talking about. If it's a male he is Lars, son/Larsen, if female, Lars' daughter = Larsdatter or shortened to Larsdtr.
SÆTER, TORP, PRAMHUS, MIDTSKOG refer the name of the farm where they are living at the moment.
KLOKKER usually refers to a church deacon .- - - -
This information was taken from the local history of Eidskog which is located in Hedmark Fylke [fylke is equal to our county].
The information in this publication is taken from public and church records by impartial local historians.
It appears that the first several entries were taken from tax records.
Beginning with the 1677 entry appears to have been gleaned from another means. ????
At anyrate, here is some information about OUR 8th GREAT-GRANDFATHER ca 1631 thru 1702 - Now who sez they didn't have long lives? Looks like old Per lived 71 years.

Eidskog BygdebokVol. III pg. 472 & 473- - - - -
Vol. III pg 472
Hermann Olsen was 26 year in 1664 - d. 1706 in Magnor, 69 years old he was enebruker by tax rolls/land registry in 1667,
but by manntalletin 1664 second-hand[used,use] had 2 huder and Iver Olsen KLOKKER 1 hud.
In 1667 eide enough Hermann the most of TORP, but Iver Olsen and Lars Lilleset ifra Odalen eide approximately 1/3 tilsammen.
In 1672 give mortgage or security[pawn] Lars Lilleset their[glide slowly,sink down,cause pressure,feel heavy] 5 1/2skinn and tredjeårstake in TORP to Iver Olsen KLOKKER, and he was thereby owner of tilsammen 11 skinn.
The other eide Hermann.
In 1677 be inactive/rest TORP leave[vacuate] and desolate[desolately] p.g.a. krigshandlingene, and Hermann Olsen moved in this tidsrom to Magnor.
Iver KLOKKER moved also in the course of 1680-åra and his gjenfinnes on Midtskog.
Hermann be obliged to have to in 1671 out with fine because he had been in slagsmål with Arne Arnesen PRAMHUS like that[such] that deen was bedridden. Hermann's wife had taken from him one knive before he =rekke=extend/reach to use[using] it[was,that,the] on Arne.
- - - -
It[Was,That,The] as overtok after Hermann Olsen was Per LarsenSÆTER, Vinger [born ca 1631] - d.1702, 71 years and g.m .Anne Hansdtr [born ca 1629] - d.1707, 78 yrs.
A pantebrev from Herman Olsen to Per LarsenSÆTER of 2 hudder 1 skinn for 220 rd is dated November 18,1670 and tgl. March 07, 1682.
Actually was[be] this[these] ei agreement between Hermann and Per as pass over (of time)[attend,go, go on] out on that Per shall[could,would,will] have[having] TORP on 9 åremål, and if some of Hermann's heirs then wish to overtake TORP, then they shall the 220 rd as well as replacing rydnings- and bygningsretten and others expenses.
page 473
This[These] was actually ordnet on it[was,that,the] the manner[manner] that child[children] of they[those,the] respective giftet itself with each other.
Thereby was the[it,they,there,that] smaller expenses.
A pantebrev dated November 26, 1688 and tgl. April 22, 1689 on 84 rd., was taken to brukelighet of Per Larsen and the[it,they,there,that] was[be] issued of Iver Olsen Midskog, thus Sexton, and thereby eide Per totality TORP.
- - - -
In 1690 kvitterte/receipt Lars Persen too[of,at,to,for,feed,feeds] wife's inheritance orverfor the father-in-law[father-in-law] Hermann Olsen on Magnor.
Looks as though 1671 was an interesting time for Herman's wife, Anne.