Friday, September 5, 2008

Connecting the Dots

After reading this document not all Naturalization documents provide a cut path to the 'old country' Most are as vague as this one from Des Moines County

City Directories are, in my opinion, a very good resource.

Death Records are another resource that genealogists glean informative tidbits from that lead to yet another set of questions.

Brothers, Cousins, what documents are you willing to add?

Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Second Confirming The Link

As a refresher: The law was:

" 1802 - 1906: 5 years residency with 1 year in state where applying and had to be in US three years before making Declaration of Intent."

So . . . . what do you conclude after reading this document?


Confirming The Link

The was by far the best gift ever. I purchased this Death Record with the funds of a matured Series E Saving Bonds given to me by my mother years ago.

This was a public document that give me more than I had ever in my wildest dreams imagined.

"Cousin" Erin was a wonderful find - she gave me the skinny on 'Skinny' while I gave her Martin's life from birth to the early, early 1900's.

Cuz ME was introduced to me by her brother - he describes her as his 'world-famous- genealogist-sister'. What a hoot ! ! !

I know this document must have brought a million questions to your mind.

Post your comments and questions in my "Comments".