Monday, December 24, 2007

End of another year

It's the end of another year and exchange of annual greetings from cousins far and wide.
I was sadden to learn that Cousin Sylvia Spain just recently passed away.
Sylvia and I are the 2nd-great granddaughters of Magnus Andreassen Helvik [1805 Asker Parrish-1888 Chicago]. . . and are 3rd cousins.
Fetter Harald introduced us the summer of 1997 after Sylvia's visit to Nesodden. While she and I knew each other only from exchanging correspondence our connection as cousins was deep.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Time is speeding on

Haven't taken time to do any genealogy-related blogging but if you've visited GerryART you can see I've been concentrating on my fiber-art classes. Hope to return to some genealogy after a couple of more classes at Satin Stitches.
In the meantime, if you have some time to spend on The Internet visit
and do a search on Skinny Madden.
What a guy ! ! ! !

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Research, Research, Research

Boy, What fun we've been having.

Have been given an opportunity to do some serious research, and, while it's taken us the majority of the past five days, we've had tremendous success! That's worth the hours spent sitting in front of the PC and monitor. We were able to add at least three generations of direct-line ancestors that includes four new surnames. Now that we call success!

This is the first time in a while that we've been handed this kind of opportunity.
Yahoo ! ! ! We loved it.

Now to get into some order so that it can be presented on paper in a comprehensive manner so that a non-genealogist can understand the significance.

Once this phase of the project is completed, I'll continue with the saga of 'Skinny' Martin - Labor Czar of Chicago . . . . . . . .

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Chicago American July 22, 1912

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then to learn more of Skinny's connection click

Friday, July 27, 2007

Chicago Daily News July 22, 1912

Former Labor Czar of Chicago Succumbs at Lake Villa, Ill., to Long Sickness.
Once Formed New Central Union Organization - Accused by Wife as Conspiracy Head.
Martin B. ("Skinny") Madden is dead.
The former labor leader died at 8:00 a.m. to-day in a little cottage near Lake Villa, Ill. Stomach trouble of a tubercular nature was the agent of death. Madden, never robust physically, had been ill for a long time. For a number of weeks he lay in his room at the Grand Pacific hotel and then last January he was taken to the Presbyterian hospital. There he regained some semblance of health and after a few weeks returned to the hotel, where his careless mode of living again proved his downfall.

As a forlorn hope he sought the cottage on the shore of the inland lake and for a time was reported as progressing toward recovery. Toward the last, however, he realized that his end was near and admitted, stoically, that he would never the place alive.

Spoke Cheerfully of Troubles.
While at the Presbyterian hospital Madden was visited by a reporter for The Daily News. He was found sitting up in bed, smoking cigarettes. He spoke cheerfully of his condition and thought he would be up "before long." Asking whether he was not afraid to smoke, he replied that the cigarettes "wouldn’t hurt him." It was the same disregard of consequences, say his friends, which ruined his health and ultimately brought about his death.

Madden was the recognized czar of the labor world in Chicago for years and figured prominently in may daring strikes. He was indicted and convicted of conspiracy in 1909, with F. A. Pouchot and M. J. Doyle, and fined $500 in Judge McSurely’s court. This was in May. A motion for a new trial was entered and on Feb. 10, 1910, was overruled by Judge McSurely.

Controlled Federation Long.
For years Madden controlled the Chicago Federation of Labor. In 1905, however, E. N. Nockels came to the front as leader of the Madden . An election was imminent and Nockels had arranged a system of voting by delegate cards and tally sheets with the names of all accredited delegates. Madden, however, had a lot of duplicate tickets printed, with one slight change in a word in the union label and voted a lot of his own men. Subsequently his ruse was discovered and the labor autocrat prepared to carry the election by storm, but was prevented by the police.

About two months after the election he was ousted by the Federation of Labor and immediately began to build the powerful labor organization known as the Chicago Building Trades council. He lost control of this body following his conviction for conspiracy.

Madden was a leading figure in the recent strife between the steamfitters and the elevator constructors in which Peter ("Dutch") Gentleman and Vincent Altman were murdered by labor sluggers and for which Maurice ("Moss") Enright was convicted and sentenced to a life term in the penitentiary.

Wife’s Accusation in Court.
Mrs. Florence B. Madden, wife of the labor leader, caused his arrest on a charge of wife abandonment in August, 1911, and at the trial of the case she declared her home had been the meeting place for thugs, sluggers and gun men. In a bill for separate maintenance she charged her husband with cruelty. Judge Walker in the Court of Domestic Relations ordered Madden to pay his wife $8 a week on her abandonment plea.

While at the Presbyterian hospital a rule was entered calling upon Madden to show cause why he should not be punished for contempt of court in failing to pay the alimony granted his wife. His illness saved him a possible prison term at that time.

Reconciled to Wife, Rumor.
The approach of death brought a reconciliation between Madden and his wife, their friends declare, and Mrs. Madden, unaware of the death, went to Lake Villa shortly before 11 a.m. to-day to see him. She had been to visit him yesterday and returned to her home at 2446 Michigan avenue last night.

"He is critically ill," she told friends there and to-day she packed a suitcase ane went to Lake Villa prepared to stay at his bedside several days if necessary.

Madden first came to Chicago from Kansas City, Mo. He worked as a steamfitter’s helper on the Auditorium annex, and in the winter of 1895 he became business agent of the Junior Steamfitters’ union, from which time on be began to make his power felt.

Transfer Field to Gary.
After his dethronement from power in the building trades council he devoted his efforts for a time to union organization in Gary, Ind, but his illness interfered with his chances for success.
"The funeral will be held at an undertaking establishment at West Madison street and Western avenue," said State Representative Frank McNichols, a friend of Madden, "but the date has not been set. Martin - we call him Martin, not "Skinny" - died at 8:30 o’clock this morning, according to the news I hear, but he has been near death for a long time."

Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Last Sheehan Sibling - Paul Clifford

According to an Affidavit signed on 29th of Nov of1939 by Paul Clifford’s mother, Josephine S BOWRON of 1122 West Adams Street, Chicago,
Paul was born 1913-June-23

- - - -
1920 Federal Census for MI Genesee Burton Twp
Peter A, hh, age 36 yrs, IL_NY_IL; plaster_ house
Josephine S, wife, age 29 ys; IL_NOR_NOR;
Eleanor J, dau; age 10; IL_IL_IL
Clifford P, son; age 6; IL_IL_IL
John A, son; age 2 1/12; IL_IL_IL
- - - -
1930 Federal Census for MI Tuscola Arbela Twp
Peter, hh, age 46, age at first marriage 33 ys; IL_NY_IL; plaster _ building
Josephine, wife, owns home value of $2,600; age 39, age 16 at first marriage; IL_NOR_NOR; farmer _ general farm
John, son, age 13; IL_IL_IL
Virginia M, dau, age 9; MI_IL_IL
Carrel J, stepson, age 22, single; IL_IA_IL; plaster _ building
Clifford, stepson, age 16; IL_IA_IL; Laborer _ building
- - - -
Flint MI City Directory
1934 Paul C SHEEHAN autowkr r. 1630 Illinois Avenue
[1935] [City Directory not printed due to Depression]
1936 Paul C SHEEHAN autowkr r. 1630 Illinois Avenue
- - - -
1936-Jun-17 GREETINGS: Marriage May Be Solemnized Between
Mr. Paul C. Sheehan and Julia Weisenberger, affidavit having been filed in this office,
as provided by Public Act No. 128, Laws of 1887, as amended, by which it appears
that said Paul C Sheehan is 22 years of age, color is White, residence is 1630 Illinois Ave., Flint, Mich. and birthplace was Illinois, occupation is Press Oper.,
[father's name Joseph Sheehan, and mother's maiden name was Josephine Hellwick ]
has been previously married no times;
and that said Julia Weisenberger is 32 years of age, color is White residence is 1821 Kentucky, Flint and birthplace was Michigan, occupation is Inspector,
[father's name John Weisenberger, and mother's maiden name was Elizabeth Klein]
who has been previously married no times
IN Witness Whereof, I have hereunto attached my hand and the seal of Genesee County, Michigan, this 17th day of June, A.D. 1936. George T. Gundry, County Clerk, by Walter J. Seidel, Deputy County Clerk.
Certificate of Marriage Between Paul C. Sheehan and M. Julia Weisenberger.

I Hereby Certify that, in accordance with the above license, the persons herein mentioned were joined in marriage by me, at St Michael's, Maple Grove, County of Saginaw, Michigan on the 20 day of June, A.D. 1936,
in the presence of Herman Weisenberger, of Chesening, Mich.
and Mrs. Oliver Moser, of 9538 Stoepel St, Detroit, Mich.
- - - -
1936-Nov-27 Social Security Number Application
Paul Clifford Sheehan, 1614 Ill. Ave., Flint, Mich.
Chevrolet - Flint, Division of General Motors Corp, 300 N. Chevrolet Ave., Flint, Mich.
Age at last Birthday: 23 (23 x-ed out) 26 typed in; date of birth: June 23 1913 (June lined out, 1913 lined out) 1910 written in; Chicago, Ill.
Joseph Carroll Sheehan, Josephine Sofa Helwick
Signed: Paul C Sheehan
- - - -
his mother requests his birth be recorded (this birth has not been previously recorded)
her address 746 Mary Street, Flint, MI
- - - -
Certificate of Death Michigan Department of Health
Paul C. Sheehan Social Security No. 385-07-4490
Usual Residence of Decreased: MI Genesee County, Richfield Twp, 3265 North State Road,
Place of Death: Wayne Co, Detroit, Detroit Hospital D.O.A.
Name of Wife: Julia M., age 38
Birth date/place of deceased: June 23, 1913 Age: 28ys 9 ms 3 ds Chicago, IL
Usual occupation: Welder. Industry or business: Chevrolet Motor Co.
Father Joseph C. Sheehan born Burlington, Iowa
Mother Josephine Hellwick born Chicago, Ill.
Informant: Mrs Julia Sheehan, 3265 N State Rd.
Burial place: Flint, Mich. Funeral director: Dodds Dumanois Co, Flint, Mich.
Date of Death: March 26, 1942
Immediate cause of death: Traumatic ruptured of descending aorta.
In case of violence, state if accident, homicide or suicide: Auto collision 3/26/42 Where did injury occur: D S R Bus & Auto - Harper & Van Dyke
- - - -
1942-Mar-26 Thursday Detroit News page 13
Davison Driver Killed in Crash With Bus
Driving at a speed estimated by witnesses at more than 70 miles an hour, Paul C. Sheehan, of Davison, Mich., was killed at 2:45 a. m. Today when his car struck the rear of a DSR coach at Harper and Van Dyke avenues.
Witnesses said Sheehan entered the intersection against a red traffic light. The coach was hurled against a guarded safety zone and was damaged, but the occupants escaped injury. The coach driver was Edmond Calvert, of Hazel Park.
With Sheehan's death, Detroit's 1942 traffic toll mounted to 56, as against 61 to this date last year.
- - - -
1942-March-27 Flint Journal Friday page 6
Davison Resident Killed in Detroit -- Paul Sheehan Victim of Car-Coach Crash
Davison = Paul C. Sheehan of Davison, was killed Thursday in Detroit when his automobile struck the rear of a street railway motor coach at Harper and Van Dyke avenues.
According to an Associated Press dispatch his car was traveling at a speed estimated by witnesses at 70 miles per hour. Occupants of the coach, which was hurled against a guarded safety zone, escaped injury.
Funeral services will be held Monday at 9 a. m. at St. John's church, Davison, with burial in New Calvary cemetery. The Rev. Fr. Dion will officiate. The body will be at the residence until services.
Sheehan, who lived about a mile north of here on M-15, is survived by his widow, Mrs. Julia Sheehan; mother, Mrs. Josephine Bowron, Swartz Creek; two brothers, Carroll of Van Dyke and John of Mt. Morris, and two sisters, Mrs. Elanor Mosher of Flint and Mrs. Peter Bender of Detroit.
- - - -
1942-March-28 Flint Journal First Edition Friday
SHEEHAN, Paul C Sheehan, 3265 North State Road, Davison, Michigan, age 28 died Thursday, March 26,1942, at the Receiving hospital, Detroit, Michigan.
Funeral services will be held 9 a.m. Monday, March 30, 1942, from the St. Johns church, Davison, Michigan. Rev. Fr. Dion officiating. Burial in New Calvary cemetery. Deceased will be at the residence. Services by Dodds-Dumanois Co. Death was caused by auto accident. He was born in Chicago, Illinois, June 23, 1913, and has lived in Davison for the last 4 years, moving from Flint, Michigan. He was a member of the St. John's Roman Catholic church, Davison, Michigan, and Fraternal Order of Eagles, Employe of Chevrolet Motor Company.
Surviving: Wife, Mrs. Julie M. Sheehan; mother, Mrs. Josephine Bowron of Swartz Creek, Michigan; 2 brothers, Carroll of Van Dyke, Michigan, John of Mt. Morris, Michigan; 2 sisters, Mrs. Eleanor Washer of Flint and Mrs. Peter Bender of Detroit, Michigan.
- - - -
found Paul C Sheehan on cemetery list on Internet homepage for Genesee Co. Mich. Buried in St Johns' Roman Catholic Cemetery. Lat 0430353N Lon 0832957W

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Another Sibling

Winifred Sheehan was born October 1911 and died ca. 1970.

She had a couple of sons. Not much more info on her.

There is one more Sheehan sibling, Paul Clifford Sheehan, who will be posted next.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Dad's sister Eleanor

Eleanor Josephine Sheehan Moser Nanney - born in June 1909 in Chicago.
She had one son. She lived the last years of her life on the California coast with my other aunt - Virginia Brennan McCurter Carpenter.
She looks remarkedly like her mother, Josephine Sofie Helwick Sheehan Brennan Bowron.
I'll scan and post Josephine's photo.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Dad and siblings

We’ve been introduced to Catherine Sheehan [thanks, Roberta]. Catherine’s photo is the only photo we have of that generation. This generation is the family of our common progenitors - William Sheehan and Mary Carroll.
It seems now would be the time to include photos of the next generation. This generation includes my dad and his siblings.

First is my dad, Carroll Joseph Sheehan [Birth Records state his name as Joe Sheehan] you’ll find his entry on my website at:

Friday, June 22, 2007

My Genealogy Website URL

I'd like to invite those of you who've not visited my website to take a look.
You no doubt will be able to find your line and follow it back to our common progenitor.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Beginning of a Family History Blog

Hello Cousins - hope to be able to share a few insights into our family history as I have researched it though public and church records. And, of course, help from my Cousins.
I'll be posting tidbits periodically as there is much to tell not only about my Irish ancestors but also my Norwegian and German/Polish ancestors.

Let's start the newest contact with a new cousin, Roberta.

Roberta is a descendant of Catherine Sheehan who is the sister of Joseph Sheehan the common ancestor to most of my Irish cousins.

This is my first contact from this particular line, and, boy, was I happy !

Lucky for us Roberta is able to provide a photo of Catherine - the first photo of that generation. Any one see a family resemblance?

Please, post your 'Comments' and even a family story or two.