Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Welcome Cousin Anita

I was contacted by Anita via my genealogy website to let us know that she is connected to our family via a common progenitor ca 1750's.

Anita was born in Eidskog, Hedmark, Norway and now lives in Kongsberg.
Our common progenitor is
Amund Persen JERPSET born 1758 and died in 1809 from Ediskog, Hedmark, Norway, who married Olia Andersdatter RUD.
Their daughter Berthe Amundsdatter BERGERUD and Kristian Kristansen VENDOM had Maren Kristiansdatter. . . . and thus down to Anita

We also descend from Amund and Olia's daughter Bertha 1796-1873 and Kristian Kristiansen's son Anders Kristiansen BERGERUD 1825-1904. Anders drown.
Anders married Maren Ulricksdatter NORDLI u TUAGBØL and their daughter Karen Andersen 1853-1917 married Karl Magnus Andressen HELVIK.
Karen [ak.a Carrie] and Karl plus family and extended family emigrated from Oslo February 1882.
Their daughter Josephine Sofia Helwick married Joseph Carroll Sheehan and thus - - - us!

Isn't this a hoot?