Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Beginning of a Family History Blog

Hello Cousins - hope to be able to share a few insights into our family history as I have researched it though public and church records. And, of course, help from my Cousins.
I'll be posting tidbits periodically as there is much to tell not only about my Irish ancestors but also my Norwegian and German/Polish ancestors.

Let's start the newest contact with a new cousin, Roberta.

Roberta is a descendant of Catherine Sheehan who is the sister of Joseph Sheehan the common ancestor to most of my Irish cousins.

This is my first contact from this particular line, and, boy, was I happy !

Lucky for us Roberta is able to provide a photo of Catherine - the first photo of that generation. Any one see a family resemblance?

Please, post your 'Comments' and even a family story or two.


Roberta said...

Roberta here!

How cool it is to see our one and only picture (so far) of my great-grandmother Catherine on your very first blog post! Hopefully, as time goes on, we can post pics of her four daughters as well....and her grandchildren.....and great-grandchildren..... The sky's the limit!

What a great beginning, Gerry! I can't wait to see who all checks in with you here! Thanks for sharing your geneology blog with me!!

Gloria's Photos said...

Wow Mom, you got the website up fast! I do see a family resemblence especially with uncles.

Thanks for sharing and I am looking forward to more!


Larry Lehmer said...
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Gerry's Genealogy said...

Oops, Larry I deleted your post in error. But I did learn a lesson about deleting.
Larry Lehmer has left a new comment on your post "Beginning of a Family History Blog":

Good for you, Gerry. I hope everyone in your family jumps in to help make your project a success. If you want some tips on how to put it all together, check out my blog. Last month I posted a 23-part mini-course on how to write a personal history. Good luck in your new venture.

Anonymous said...


Richard Carroll Sheehan said...

I Know that Joseph is my grand-father. Has Catherine been called Kate elsewhere in this blog? Thakyou for your great research.

Richard Carroll Sheehan said...

Hi Gerry, Guess you have deleted or withdrawn your direct line blog.

I wanted to check some dates and am having trouble finding my own family tree blog.