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Edel Helwick

Edel, the younger sister to my grandmother Josephine Sofia Helwick Sheehan Brennan Bowron and the youngest of ten children of Karl and Karen, was born in 1899 in Chicago. She lived the majority of her life in Santa Cruz County, California where she died in the fall of 1976.

Some of the notes from my research of her life follows:

[an e-mail from Cousin Harald Lorentzen dated 02-Nov-96 [a partial quote] . . . . . .
"I do not know if I told you that I found your family in the church book for the Hauge church in Chicago. This was in the year 1900 they went out of the church after some years.The church book said that the family was:
Karl M Helwich born February 17, 1848
Karen S Helwich born September 18, 1853
Karl S Helwich born August 10, 1885
Marie E Helwich born January 6, 1888
Josephine Helwich born May 29, 1890
Paul A Helwich born July 29, 1892
Ole Le Roy Helwich born December 18, 1896
Edel Therese Helwich born September 19, 1899"

My research of the Federal census reveal this info:
1900 Federal Census IL Cook Co Chicago
1038 Ballou
HELWICK, Carl, Feb. 1846, 52 ys,
married 25 ys, Nor Nor Nor [this refers to Karl's birth and his Father's and his Mother's birth],
1887 yr immigrated, 13 ys in this country,Naturalized, Occup: Weigher
Carrie, Sep. 1853, 46 ys,
married 25 ys, Nor Nor Nor {refers of Carrie's birth as well as her Father and Mother],
1887 ys immigrated, 13 ys in this country.10 children/6 living [this reveals that she had ten children with 6 children now living,
Charles, Aug. 1885, 14 ys, single, Chicago Nor Nor, Office boy.
Marie, Jan. 1888, 12 ys, Chicago Nor Nor, At school.
Josephine, May 1890, 10 ys, Chicago Nor Nor, At school.
Paul, Jul. 1892, 7 ys, Chicago Nor Nor, At school.
Roy, Dec. 1894, 5 ys, Chicago Nor Nor.
Ethel Th., Sep. 1899, 8/12 ys [8/12 means Ethel was 8 months old at the time of the census], Chicago Nor Nor

Just a glimpse of my research notes. All the information I've compiled have been gleaned from public records, as well as church records, as the knowledge of my father's family was was scant to say the least. My dad's generation was not a sharing lot and since my father has passed away prior to my earnest interest in genealogy all that information was lost for all time.
Luckily, a copy of a note hand written by Josephine. I assume for her daughters Eleanor and Virginia, was sent to me by my Aunt Virginia just prior to her passing. This note was the basis for my research in Norway.

More to come - - - - -

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