Friday, September 5, 2008

Connecting the Dots

After reading this document not all Naturalization documents provide a cut path to the 'old country' Most are as vague as this one from Des Moines County

City Directories are, in my opinion, a very good resource.

Death Records are another resource that genealogists glean informative tidbits from that lead to yet another set of questions.

Brothers, Cousins, what documents are you willing to add?


Richard Carroll Sheehan said...

Good work!
I'd like to have documents to offer, but do not.
Don't understand the naturalization documrnt. I really haven't been able to read it. I was able to to see the highlighted "Mago Sheehan," but don't know what to make of it.

In the "Chamois" document I see "Carrol Mrs. Margaret, bds Wm. Sheehan.' It seems Margaret beds William. Can Wm. be our M. William?
Could Wm. be our M. William? Could Margaret be our Mary J?

Haven't been able to read any of the death certificate.

Gerry said...

Richard, I did re-post all the documents. Please dble-clk and the image will re-appear on another screen in a very readable size.

Margaret Carroll is our great-great-grandmother and, as a widow, lived with her daughter Mary and son-in-law William Sheehan.

The death record will appear in a very large format also if dbl-clk'd.