Thursday, July 5, 2007

Another Sibling

Winifred Sheehan was born October 1911 and died ca. 1970.

She had a couple of sons. Not much more info on her.

There is one more Sheehan sibling, Paul Clifford Sheehan, who will be posted next.


Anonymous said...

I believe that she was married twice and had a son by each marriage.
She was a beautiful woman. I gave an excellent portrait of her to her youngest son Kevin. She once owned and managed a school. I think here second husband was Dalhburg. R

Anonymous said...

wow! She was certainly beautiful. Just stumbled upon your blog as my Nanna was called Winifred Sheehan - obviously no relation but one of my Nanna's son's was also called Gerry - Gerard as was his son which is my brother. Anyway just wanted to comment on the similarities! Your Winifred was definately a beauty!

Gerry said...

Bernadette, I love getting comments on my blogs. Winifred certainly is a beauty. I never knew her but her photo puts life into my genealogy search.
Thanks for commenting.