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The Last Sheehan Sibling - Paul Clifford

According to an Affidavit signed on 29th of Nov of1939 by Paul Clifford’s mother, Josephine S BOWRON of 1122 West Adams Street, Chicago,
Paul was born 1913-June-23

- - - -
1920 Federal Census for MI Genesee Burton Twp
Peter A, hh, age 36 yrs, IL_NY_IL; plaster_ house
Josephine S, wife, age 29 ys; IL_NOR_NOR;
Eleanor J, dau; age 10; IL_IL_IL
Clifford P, son; age 6; IL_IL_IL
John A, son; age 2 1/12; IL_IL_IL
- - - -
1930 Federal Census for MI Tuscola Arbela Twp
Peter, hh, age 46, age at first marriage 33 ys; IL_NY_IL; plaster _ building
Josephine, wife, owns home value of $2,600; age 39, age 16 at first marriage; IL_NOR_NOR; farmer _ general farm
John, son, age 13; IL_IL_IL
Virginia M, dau, age 9; MI_IL_IL
Carrel J, stepson, age 22, single; IL_IA_IL; plaster _ building
Clifford, stepson, age 16; IL_IA_IL; Laborer _ building
- - - -
Flint MI City Directory
1934 Paul C SHEEHAN autowkr r. 1630 Illinois Avenue
[1935] [City Directory not printed due to Depression]
1936 Paul C SHEEHAN autowkr r. 1630 Illinois Avenue
- - - -
1936-Jun-17 GREETINGS: Marriage May Be Solemnized Between
Mr. Paul C. Sheehan and Julia Weisenberger, affidavit having been filed in this office,
as provided by Public Act No. 128, Laws of 1887, as amended, by which it appears
that said Paul C Sheehan is 22 years of age, color is White, residence is 1630 Illinois Ave., Flint, Mich. and birthplace was Illinois, occupation is Press Oper.,
[father's name Joseph Sheehan, and mother's maiden name was Josephine Hellwick ]
has been previously married no times;
and that said Julia Weisenberger is 32 years of age, color is White residence is 1821 Kentucky, Flint and birthplace was Michigan, occupation is Inspector,
[father's name John Weisenberger, and mother's maiden name was Elizabeth Klein]
who has been previously married no times
IN Witness Whereof, I have hereunto attached my hand and the seal of Genesee County, Michigan, this 17th day of June, A.D. 1936. George T. Gundry, County Clerk, by Walter J. Seidel, Deputy County Clerk.
Certificate of Marriage Between Paul C. Sheehan and M. Julia Weisenberger.

I Hereby Certify that, in accordance with the above license, the persons herein mentioned were joined in marriage by me, at St Michael's, Maple Grove, County of Saginaw, Michigan on the 20 day of June, A.D. 1936,
in the presence of Herman Weisenberger, of Chesening, Mich.
and Mrs. Oliver Moser, of 9538 Stoepel St, Detroit, Mich.
- - - -
1936-Nov-27 Social Security Number Application
Paul Clifford Sheehan, 1614 Ill. Ave., Flint, Mich.
Chevrolet - Flint, Division of General Motors Corp, 300 N. Chevrolet Ave., Flint, Mich.
Age at last Birthday: 23 (23 x-ed out) 26 typed in; date of birth: June 23 1913 (June lined out, 1913 lined out) 1910 written in; Chicago, Ill.
Joseph Carroll Sheehan, Josephine Sofa Helwick
Signed: Paul C Sheehan
- - - -
his mother requests his birth be recorded (this birth has not been previously recorded)
her address 746 Mary Street, Flint, MI
- - - -
Certificate of Death Michigan Department of Health
Paul C. Sheehan Social Security No. 385-07-4490
Usual Residence of Decreased: MI Genesee County, Richfield Twp, 3265 North State Road,
Place of Death: Wayne Co, Detroit, Detroit Hospital D.O.A.
Name of Wife: Julia M., age 38
Birth date/place of deceased: June 23, 1913 Age: 28ys 9 ms 3 ds Chicago, IL
Usual occupation: Welder. Industry or business: Chevrolet Motor Co.
Father Joseph C. Sheehan born Burlington, Iowa
Mother Josephine Hellwick born Chicago, Ill.
Informant: Mrs Julia Sheehan, 3265 N State Rd.
Burial place: Flint, Mich. Funeral director: Dodds Dumanois Co, Flint, Mich.
Date of Death: March 26, 1942
Immediate cause of death: Traumatic ruptured of descending aorta.
In case of violence, state if accident, homicide or suicide: Auto collision 3/26/42 Where did injury occur: D S R Bus & Auto - Harper & Van Dyke
- - - -
1942-Mar-26 Thursday Detroit News page 13
Davison Driver Killed in Crash With Bus
Driving at a speed estimated by witnesses at more than 70 miles an hour, Paul C. Sheehan, of Davison, Mich., was killed at 2:45 a. m. Today when his car struck the rear of a DSR coach at Harper and Van Dyke avenues.
Witnesses said Sheehan entered the intersection against a red traffic light. The coach was hurled against a guarded safety zone and was damaged, but the occupants escaped injury. The coach driver was Edmond Calvert, of Hazel Park.
With Sheehan's death, Detroit's 1942 traffic toll mounted to 56, as against 61 to this date last year.
- - - -
1942-March-27 Flint Journal Friday page 6
Davison Resident Killed in Detroit -- Paul Sheehan Victim of Car-Coach Crash
Davison = Paul C. Sheehan of Davison, was killed Thursday in Detroit when his automobile struck the rear of a street railway motor coach at Harper and Van Dyke avenues.
According to an Associated Press dispatch his car was traveling at a speed estimated by witnesses at 70 miles per hour. Occupants of the coach, which was hurled against a guarded safety zone, escaped injury.
Funeral services will be held Monday at 9 a. m. at St. John's church, Davison, with burial in New Calvary cemetery. The Rev. Fr. Dion will officiate. The body will be at the residence until services.
Sheehan, who lived about a mile north of here on M-15, is survived by his widow, Mrs. Julia Sheehan; mother, Mrs. Josephine Bowron, Swartz Creek; two brothers, Carroll of Van Dyke and John of Mt. Morris, and two sisters, Mrs. Elanor Mosher of Flint and Mrs. Peter Bender of Detroit.
- - - -
1942-March-28 Flint Journal First Edition Friday
SHEEHAN, Paul C Sheehan, 3265 North State Road, Davison, Michigan, age 28 died Thursday, March 26,1942, at the Receiving hospital, Detroit, Michigan.
Funeral services will be held 9 a.m. Monday, March 30, 1942, from the St. Johns church, Davison, Michigan. Rev. Fr. Dion officiating. Burial in New Calvary cemetery. Deceased will be at the residence. Services by Dodds-Dumanois Co. Death was caused by auto accident. He was born in Chicago, Illinois, June 23, 1913, and has lived in Davison for the last 4 years, moving from Flint, Michigan. He was a member of the St. John's Roman Catholic church, Davison, Michigan, and Fraternal Order of Eagles, Employe of Chevrolet Motor Company.
Surviving: Wife, Mrs. Julie M. Sheehan; mother, Mrs. Josephine Bowron of Swartz Creek, Michigan; 2 brothers, Carroll of Van Dyke, Michigan, John of Mt. Morris, Michigan; 2 sisters, Mrs. Eleanor Washer of Flint and Mrs. Peter Bender of Detroit, Michigan.
- - - -
found Paul C Sheehan on cemetery list on Internet homepage for Genesee Co. Mich. Buried in St Johns' Roman Catholic Cemetery. Lat 0430353N Lon 0832957W

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