Wednesday, September 10, 2008

And Then There Is This

What do you make of this?
Plus, I've re-posted the documents for September. You should be able to read this easily.


Richard Carroll Sheehan said...

I have't made anything of it yet.

O believe that I remember our father speaking of the "Joe Sheehan" bityh certificate.

I suspect a hurried attempt to legitimate a pregnacy.

Ot's part of the first born syndrom.

Gerry said...

There is a 'known' marriage date for Joseph Sheehan and Josephine Helwick - January 16, 1907. So it appears Joseph and Josephine were married ~sixteen months prior to dad's birth.
Both sources for this information are on documents - one a Federal agency document and the other a civil court document.
Several attempts have been made to obtain a copy of a marriage record and have not produced results. All we have to know is where the marriage took place, any ideas?